OMG! Stranger Things!

(No Spoilers, promise!)

Okay, okay. I’m late with this one. It’s the Netflix Original TV show that everyone has been talking about. Last night, I only just finished the final episode of season 1 and, OMG! Stranger Things!

The first season was eight episodes long but instead of being called episodes, they are very coolly entitled, Chapters. And, don’t worry, with it already being renewed for a second season, there are plenty more Chapters to come.

My ultimate, all-time favourite TV show is Twin Peaks. I literally have never seen anything that can top it. I love American Horror Story (eek, Season 6) but it hasn’t yet taken Twin Peaks’ crown. But, to be honest, Stranger Things came pretty close.

The show came at a really good time, which I assume is deliberate. People were just waiting for something new to become obsessed with. I feel like it is sort of following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad and season 1 of True Detective (obviously, Stranger Things is more child-friendly) in terms of how their fanbase has grown and the fact that everyone is talking about it. And, it may just take the awards too.

Essentially, Stranger Things is a love-letter to the films of the 80’s. It could seriously be a drinking game where you take a shot every time the show makes a reference to a film from that era. Ooh, they’re on train tracks – Stand By Me. He’s wearing a bandana around his head – Rambo: First Blood. Not to mention the similarities with the Alien and Predator films. Wow, you would be so drunk.

I feel that if it had been any other show the amount of references could make you think it’s unoriginal and just ripping us off but for some reason, with Stranger Things, it just works. Maybe, it’s because rather than copying, it’s more of a tribute to the films that everybody has seen and loves. It just works, okay?

The cast of the show is also amazing. I really like the idea that there isn’t really too many big actors. Apart from the wonderful comeback of Winona Ryder, the face of Matthew Modine, and the pretty familiar David Harbour, the rest of the cast in Stranger Things are completely new.

This gives them the opportunity to be their characters, not just play them. When you’re watching season 1 of True Detective, you’re thinking-wow, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are great in this. But, with Stranger Things, you form an opinion of the character primarily, and not just how well their part is portrayed. I think this just makes the experience of watching all the more enjoyable.

It’s great that the first time we really see Millie Bobby Brown on screen is as she’s completely embodying the character of Eleven. She is exceptional in it and I’m sure Stranger Things is not the last we’ll see of her. The creators of the show (brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer) are also fairly new to the game and this is not a bad show to become known for. The CV’s must be glowing after this.

The next thing that I love about Stranger Things is… Nancy’s wardrobe. Excuse me, where did you get that jacket? Where can I find a skirt like that? Why can’t this just be my wardrobe? Maybe, it’s because I already love 80’s vintagey, old-fashioned looking clothes but Nancy’s wardrobe is perfect. I have been googling to try and find an exact replica of her blue pyjamas from the first episode for the past week. Seriously, if anybody knows any, help a girl out!

Just look at they pyjamas!

Soundtrack, soundtrack, soundtrack. It. Is. Amazing. Is there somewhere I can buy all of the music on CD? I really feel like I need that in my life. If you’re going to make an 80’s TV show then it is going to have an 80’s soundtrack. It fits so perfectly into the scenes. The whole feel of Stranger Things with it’s colour’s, wardrobe, and soundtrack leaves you wondering if it actually just travelled in time from being filmed in the 80’s to being shown on Netflix in 2016 (apart from the special effects, they’re thankfully modern). Think Stand by Me-that’s probably the film that visually looks most similar to Stranger Things.

It is also just so well-written. There are scary moments, lovely little moments, funny moments and some real edge-of-your-seat intense moments. The balance is great. As I said before, the show came at a perfect time and truly has something for everyone. It is an easy to love TV show that does exactly what it says on the tin but with style. It hooks you with just the right amount of mystery and has set amazing foundations for season 2.

That also goes for the ending of season 1. If you’ve seen it, then you know what I’m talking about. Everybody who watched season 1 must be fully intending on coming back for more. If not, I have no idea why. I’ll see the rest of you in 2017.

Stranger Things is probably the best TV show to come out this year. I completely recommend you watch it if you haven’t already. In fact if you haven’t watched it yet, why are you reading this right now? Why are you not on Netflix bingeing Stranger Things?



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