I’m Feeling Supersonic

Oh hey there, it’s been a while – 21 days to be exact. I recently just started university and now have a timetable of 9-5, Monday to Friday. So needless to say, spare time has been something of a myth lately. Hopefully, I am now back on track and can post at least once a week (fingers crossed).

Last Sunday I went to see the UK premiere of the Oasis Documentary, Supersonic. I had only  found out a few days in advance that there would be a one-night-only showing of the film with an exclusive livestream Q&A with Liam Gallagher and the film’s director, Mat Whitecross (Amy). Being a huge Oasis fan, I desperately searched for tickets. The documentary was being shown at 380 cinemas in the UK and to my surprise there were still a few tickets in a cinema near me. So I snapped two up, for £18 each, so I could drag my dad along with me-much to his delight.

The film was made by the creators of the hugely successful Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy so I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I wasn’t. Supersonic recounts Oasis’ quick rise to fame in the first three years of their career which lead to them playing two dates at Knebworth in 1996 (gigs that two-and-a-half million people applied to get tickets for).

One of the main focuses is, of course, the relationship between Noel and Liam Gallagher. However, it doesn’t really discuss the split. Supersonic is a positive documentary on Oasis that does hint at the underlying issues of the clashing personalities of the Gallagher’s but this is done in a humorous way. That was one thing I loved about the documentary. It’s  really funny. There is some great footage of the band members having a laugh and just loving being rock n’ roll stars. Whilst being carefully balanced out with some more serious elements of the changing band members, and the brothers’ relationship with their dad.

Supersonic features quite a lot of interviews including the band members themselves, Peggy Gallagher (mum of the Gallaghers), Maggie Mouzakitis (Oasis’ tour manager) and Alan Mcgee (who first signed them). These are used really well as voiceovers to tell the story along with footage in recording studios, old photographs, early interviews, and early performances and recordings. I especially loved seeing a clip from their performance in King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, which lead to them getting signed. There was a lot of footage that I didn’t know existed so it was really great to watch. It was all very honest and open and you felt like no one was holding back. Having said that, Oasis have always been open and spoke their minds to create a reputation and attract controversy-that’s just who they are!

If you’re an Oasis fan, you probably won’t learn anything you didn’t know but you will love the amount of footage, old photographs, and recordings in it. Their music plays in little bitesize snippets throughout and it sounds amazing-especially in a cinema. However, if you’re not an Oasis fan then you’ll probably learn a lot about them and enjoy the documentary for how open and true it is-that is unless you can’t stand Oasis, then this film ain’t for you.

I enjoyed every second of the film and there was definitely a good buzz about as this was it’s first screening. The Q&A afterwards was held in Manchester but was being live streamed to cinemas all over the UK. Liam Gallagher was, as usual, hilariously blunt. He never referred to his brother by his name but instead, “Our Kid” as he poked fun at him being posh and eating tofu with a face mask on. He also, of course, had some modest comments about himself including being, “f***ing mega!” I like to pretend he’s just joking but it’s equally funny that he’s totally being serious. The whole night was entertaining, as Oasis always are, and band member Bonehead even joined in the Q&A after being spotted in the audience.

Overall, Supersonic is a well made documentary on the rise of Oasis and what made them who they were. It very openly showcases the ups and downs of being one of the biggest bands on the planet. If you’re an Oasis fan then definitely go and see it, but if not-go and see it and become one!

Supersonic was released to UK cinemas October 7th





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