6 New Years Resolutions (because everybody has a blog post on this)

Happy New Year!

To quote my last post, 2016 Took No Prisoners! It’s been a difficult year and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. However, I am trying my very hardest to be optimistic. This is especially hard when I am a pessimist (is this not a Paramore song or something?) I know for absolute certain that I can easily improve. And so, I have decided to make small changes in my life in order to improve my health, my mind, and my happiness.* So without further ado, here are my 10 New Years Resolutions for 2017.

*I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance if at any point I sound like one of those weird health-beauty-guru-blogger people. I am sorry.

1. Drink More Water (and maybe vodka)

Okay, so this is probably on everybody’s list but I seriously need it. I always go through spells of drinking a few bottles a day but then end up, on average, drinking like a half bottle. It leads to my skin breaking out and my little face getting all puffy so I should really stick to this one. Drinking more vodka might be an idea too…

2. Exercise

Yes, more stereotypical resolutions. The health-guru-people are so proud right now. I. Need. To. Exercise. I am quite literally the weakest person I know. It has never really been about weight loss for me (well, more on that on another post) but instead the need to stop getting out of breath and tired all of the time. I am unhealthy even if I don’t look it.

3. Eat Better

When I say this I don’t mean more vegetables and less junk food although I do want that too. I am mostly focused on the fact that I don’t eat regularly enough and always find that I either have a rumbling stomach or feel faint because I need sugar. This really struck me as an issue just over a week ago when I fainted on a train. By myself. Just blacked out. Almost threw up. On a train. Good times! I really need to work on eating healthy snacks throughout the day and not relying on a coffee for lunch.

4. Plan (an attempt to be organised)

Today I bought a pretty little Daily Journal from Urban Outfitters because unless it is pretty and little, I would not be enthusiastic about it. My Uni councillor thinks that I fear things being out of my control and so to help with this, I should take back control in little ways to make myself more relaxed and feel better. I decided I will plan my days so that I can focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot.

5. Learn Mindfulness

My doctor actually advised me on this one and I now have an app on my phone that I have not opened once. However, in Waterstones I drifted over to the self-help section and found a book on Mindfulness and how to teach yourself. If you don’t know what mindfulness is, it is the modern form of cognitive therapy and if you don’t know what that is…google it. I’m kidding, it’s basically a form of mediation where you focus on your surroundings and what you can see, hear, smell, etc. and process everything that is in the present rather than what may or may not happen. It is actually a great way to deal with anxiety that consistently tells you to dwell on the past and worry about the future.

6. Watch More Films

This is a kind of weird one which probably sounds a bit like “binge more on Netflix” but I assure you, that’s not quite what I mean (although A Series of Unfortunate Events is out soon…). I am a film student and as I am taught at Uni, in order to be the best filmmaker you can be, you have to learn from others. By watching the largest and most diverse range of cinema as I possibly can is like me soaking up the knowledge of many books. I should be finding my own voice and style in the films I create but also exposing myself to the voices of others to be inspired by as well as learn what styles work and what mistakes to avoid.

Just a tip if you’re a filmmaker or artist in some form: expose yourself to bad work so you know what not to do and learn what does and does not work for you. By watching Suicide Squad I came out ranting about creating depth to your character so an audience will care about them. It works, honest.

So, there we go. My New Years Resolutions that will last approximately 3.5 days. Hopefully, 2017 will at least be better than it’s predecessor because it has to only be up from here…right????


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